QED LAB has become a nationally recognized and preferred source for professional, independent, experienced ASTM / AAMA laboratory and field fenestration testing. QED is a fully AAMA accredited certification laboratory and field testing agency. We specialize in air infiltration, water penetration, and structural testing of fenestration products for formal certification, forensic assessment, diagnostic evaluation, remedial trouble-shooting, and new construction clearance testing.

This includes mandatory quality assurance tests on multi-residential projects in Washington State for compliance with EHB 1848 / RCW 64.55.050. QED has you covered when it comes to your building enclosure testing needs.

QED is one of 30 fenestration laboratories in North America accredited by AAMA (The American Architectural Manufacturers Association) to perform 101.I.S.2 certification tests. QED is one of only a few laboratories that has received expanded accreditations from AAMA for the performance of ASTM and AAMA field tests.

QED is a specialized laboratory which places emphasis on in its testing and diagnostic evaluation, having the capability of producing laboratory accuracy under the most difficult and diverse field conditions. In many litigious regions, we've proven to be battle tested and offer a unique resource for professionals in need of test data that is accurate, objective, truly independent, and of forensic quality.

QED LAB also specializes in laboratory R & D testing for a variety of building components and fenestration systems. We offer customized R & D programs for manufacturers and designers, as well as certification development support. Contact us today for more information.