Charlie Klingner

aama accredited

As co-owner of QED LAB / Q.E.D., Inc., Charlie Klingner brings over a decade of industry expertise to the precise work of AAMA-certified window testing. His extensive knowledge of building envelope science informs both quality assurance and forensic testing regimens. Prior to taking over management of QED, Charlie worked as a forensic observer for a prominent Northwest forensic consulting firm. His duties included testing, observations, inspections, current condition assessments, EIFS/stucco investigations, remediation protocols, building science and thermography, mediation and litigation support, writing scope of repairs and technical reports. He oversaw the construction and remediation of building envelopes, including roofs, siding, rain screen systems, flashing, deck membranes, and window installations.


Michael Poirier

As co-owner of QED LAB Inc., Michael Poirier provides over 8 years of architectural and consulting aptitude with emphasis on exterior waterproofing, maintenance budgeting, and technical writing; translating the language barrier between the construction industry and everyday people. In addition, he has 3 years of building maintenance experience and a variety of volunteer construction projects all around the northwest. Michael is an accredited Reserve Specialist through CAI with a valid Reserve Study Specialist permit for the state of Nevada, proudly providing reserve studies for the entire west coast for 7 years. Michael also enjoys custom equipment fabrication utilized in the niche market of window testing.